SmileFast Veneers!

Fast, Affordable 60 Minute Veneers, in Bromley

What is SmileFast?

SmileFast is the ground-breaking new development in Smile Design and the Provision of Smile Makeovers. This incredible new system brings together the three essential elements of modern cosmetic dentistry:

• Orthodontics braces
• Ceramic
• Composite veneers

How does SmileFast work?

Your dentist at ConfiDental Care will take all the required photos and records which are then securely sent to SmileFast. Using 3D technology, SmileFast will design the desired smile based on your requirements and outline possible treatment options to reach that result.

The great thing about this system is that we can now place a custom-designed composite veneer smile makeover for the front 6 teeth in just one application – meaning you can walk away with a dream smile in no time at all. Once approved by you and your dentist, all the necessary materials are sent back to your dentist so he/she can explain everything to you.

What are the benefits of SmileFast?

  1.  60-minute Smile Makeover: Custom-designed composite veneer smile makeover process for the front 6 teeth. With just one application which is quick and easy, you can walk away with a beautiful smile.
  2.  Minimally Invasive: Uses an innovative stent for completing customised composite smile makeovers without invasive procedures.
  3.  Cost-Effective: The reduced cost is achieved by simplifying the processes involved, including the elimination of lengthy preliminary steps.
  4.  Virtually Pain-free & non-invasive
  5.  Get a 3D Visualisation: Together with your dentist, you have the ability to make changes before the final stage.

You’ll be sure to Smile With Confidence!

Who can have SmileFast?

Your dentist at ConfiDental Care will need to carry out a SmileFast assessment during your  FREE SmileFast consultation. This will determine if you are a suitable SmileFast candidate or if an alternative treatment plan is best suited.

SmileFast is also very effective for treating a variety of other oral issues:

• Aged teeth
• General wear & tear
• Discoloured teeth
• Small/spaced teeth
• Gaps in your smile (without the need for braces)
• Small or spaced teeth
• Acid erosion
• Tooth colour or texture change
• Crowded and aged teeth
• Overlapping upper teeth

How much does SmileFast cost?

Each case is treated individually dependant on the complexity. Typically, prices for SmileFast start from around £1400. To manage costs, ConfiDental Care also offers flexible 0% interest-free finance options to spread the costs. Credit is subject to status and checks.

SmileFast before and after images

If you’d like to know more about SmileFast and how it can help to give you the smile of your dreams, why not book in for a Free SmileFast Consultation today!

Just imagine the transformation in your confidence and smile after a SmileFast makeover. We’ve treated many happy patients at ConfiDental Care and helped them regain their confidence to smile again.

  • Dec 16, 2020
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