Same Day Fixed Teeth with Dental Implants

All-on-Four/Six Dental Implants - "FULL REPLACEMENT" 

Do you have loose dentures / wobbly teeth/feel that your face has aged with worn dentures?

Teeth-in-day Implants are a popular, permanent, and effective treatment to provide a fixed secure solution with the look & feel of natural teeth…usually advised when a  superior fixed solution is sought to restore a full dentition or existing loose full dentures. This can be done to upper / lower OR both jaws.
The result - A beautiful smile, with the freedom to eat what you like!

What are All-on-4/6 dental implants? (video)


Multiple dental implants are placed strategically in the upper / lower OR both jaws to provide a fixed and permanent set of teeth  ! The name describes how 4/6 implants are inserted into the bone to support a full set of natural-looking teeth.

How is it done?

We see you for a FREE SAME DAY SMILE CONSULTATION , confirm the process and answer any questions, once all question are answered and you are happy to proceed , we arrange the necessary investigations and set-up. Thereafter we book a convenient date to do the conversion.
On the day we place the implants and fit your new smile there and then (a provisional implant bridge) - all in a day!
The new implant bridge is then replaced with a permanent set once the implants have firmed up three months later.

Is it painful?

There is no pain during the procedure, as with any surgery some discomfort is normal and we will always strive to minimise that through careful management.

The ideal candidates for full replacement teeth in a day are individuals that:
• Suffer from loose dentures
• Suffer from severe periodontal gum disease
• Have severe bone loss and been told they cannot have dental implants
• Have failing bridges and crowns
• Have been told that conventional implants are not possible

What are the advantages of Full mouth dental implants?

Same day treatment - No need to wear a removable denture while the teeth heal, a fixed bridge is provided on the day the implants are placed.
Minimum dental visits - Fewer dental appointment as the procedure provides a "fixed" result straightaway No need for a series of dental appointments thus lowering overall costs.
Lack of bone tissue - Suitable for patients who have been advised against traditional implants as a result of a lack of bone tissue.
Eliminates denture issues - many of the problems experienced by denture wearers, such as irritation, loose dentures, and discomfort.
Enhanced facial aesthetics - Restores face height , loss of 'sunken'look , and full functionality by improving speech and the ability to eat any foods
Lasts a lifetime – Maintaining regular dental visits and proper dental hygiene

Walk away with ‘same day smile’.

Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about how you could benefit from the All-on-4 dental implant in a day treatment at ConfiDental Care, contact Dr. Khalid Faiz today to book your ‘FREE ALL-ON-FOUR consultation’. We can also discuss the costs entailed with affordable payments or interest-free finance.

For examples of some of our most successful cases, view our existing case studies, or call us today.