If you are unhappy with the way your teeth are shaped with overlapping teeth, gaps, or even difficulty eating. This is an increasingly popular alternative to metal traditional braces.

These treatment options are all cosmetically focused and allows us to straightened teeth quickly and precisely. Treatment are often completed in 6 months!

Short-term Orthodontics is now discreet, fast, comfortable and cost-effective without the need to involve specialised fees in the process.

What is Invisible Orthodontics/Invisalign ?

An popular example is "Invisalign". Our clear brace system is a gentle and minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that can level and align your front teeth, achieving a straighter smile.

Teeth Straightening - Invisible ortho video


What are Cosmetic Fixed Braces?

The fixed option uses white coated nickel-titanium wires with clear resin brackets to put gentle pressure on the most-visible ‘social six’ front top and bottom teeth, to have the biggest impact on your smile.

Teeth straightening White Bracket video


What are the benefits of Teeth Straightening?

i) Increased confidence - Correcting an unhappy smile (mild to moderate crowding, gaps and gummy smiles).

ii) Improved gum health - Crowded teeth are associated with gum disease and thus correction will improve the life span.

Maintenance video